So your kitchen is nicely organized, with one exception those pesky pots and pans. How to store your pots and pans is often a conundrum as they do not easily fit into your kitchen neatly.  Store your pots and pans in creative ways to include them in your kitchen décor or hide them away in an organized way that it becomes easy to locate the right pot or pan when you need them. Instead of just shoving them in a cupboard in a mess and finding it difficult to get out the pot or pan you actually need consider the approaches that follow to make getting the right kitchen implement a breeze so that you can get to what is really important when you are in the kitchen, making a delicious meal for your family.

1. Under the stove

Many convection ovens have a convenient drawer to store or your pots and pans in. They are kept right where you need them most and are hidden out of plain sight. Keep lids on one side under your pans and on the other size keeps your pots neatly stacked together.Store your pots and pans under the stove