Are you looking around at your home and thinking that you wish you had time to paint the walls? If your next six Saturdays include soccer or baseball games followed by a BBQ with friends, don’t worry. You can change the feel of your home with these simple DIY creations in no time and make that old living room feel new again.

Let’s explore DIY home creations

These 10 easy DIY home creations are fast and effective. With a few dollars, some time and ingenuity you can add spice to your living room and organization to your entryway.


Foam Flower Branches

With a sheet of foam, some dry branches and paint, you can create a beautiful free form art project in an old vase. Begin by cutting out petal shapes from the foam sheet, shaping them into curves with your fingers (it helps to heat the petals up first) and then sticking the petals around the tips of each branch using a glue gun. When these are completely dry, paint each petal in coordinating colors and let them dry again. Once set, place it in a vase for a new look in your living room!

Foam flower branches are easy DIY home creations

 Paint Stick Lamp Shade

If your old lamp shade looks plain and boring, a trip to the local home remodeling store can fix you right up. Pick up plenty of paint stirrers, a small can of gel stain and a hot glue gun. Stain your paint stirrers. When they dry, use the glue gun to attach them to the old lamp shade for an updated look in your living room or den.paintstick lampshade