A home’s yard often goes unnoticed and ends up neglected. It can even become a wasted part of the property. Because this is a great space for everything from relaxing to entertaining, it is important to make the most of your yard.


Discover The Right Way To Make the Most of Your Yard

While everyone has different dimensions and different layouts, there are some tried and true concepts that can really help to expand the area and create an inviting atmosphere. Don’t just assume that a small yard means there are no possibilities. It is possible to transform your backyard dreams into a reality.


Go Dark

Inside a home, most people avoid dark colors because of their tendency to make a room look small. In the backyard, the opposite is true. Walls and fences that are painted in dark colors can actually make it look like the space is larger. It also ensures that the plants and colors really stand out and pop against the background. Don’t be afraid to use dark outdoor furniture as well.make the most of your yard by using dark backyard furniture

Use Vines and Espaliers

If there isn’t a lot of square footage to plant trees and other bushes, consider going vertical to make the most of your yard. Vines climb up and over walls, creating the look of a lush garden without taking up as much room. Espaliers are beautiful trees or shrubs that are will grow flat against a surface like lattice. These types of plants give the look of a lush space and don’t require a lot of ground. It is important to note that while some plants are more apt to climb up a surface, it will still take some work to get them started in the right direction.

backyard vines