By putting a little effort into investments that boost your home's value, you'll give yourself a welcome return should you sell in the future.

Even when the housing market is in a healthy state, we all know how unpredictable it can be and how fast it can turn, as echoed by Forbes. With home improvement shows a popular television choice for first-time house hunters these days, it is important to keep up with demand and have some key projects completed before putting your house on the market. From updated kitchens and bathrooms to fancy backyard options, it's well worth considering these investments that boost your home's value to give you more options and put your best foot forward when you decide to sell.

Investments that boost your home's value start at the front door

Curb appeal is real, and an old, boring front door can be quite an eyesore. First impressions are everything, so having an updated, clean, and even unique front door can make a significant difference. Go from drab to fab with a sturdy modern door or perhaps an antique door with interesting hardware. Frame the door with appropriate windows to create an open look from the outside and add a little sunlight to the inside.Investments that boost your home's value start at the front door


Update your exterior spaces

Similar to the front door, the front yard will also be noticed right away. A home's value is based on not only the home itself but the land it's sitting on, and the landscaping and general upkeep of the exterior spaces is just important as what's inside. The Washington Post spoke with HGTV experts on curb appeal and found that there can be a substantial return in investment when you put in the effort to do things like trim trees, update outside shutters, and adding in colorful plants and flowers.

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