Do you browse through home decor magazines and turn green with envy at the kitchen pages? Wouldn’t it be nice to cook every day in one of those lavish, dream kitchens? Sure, it would. But your bank account probably won’t allow you to spend all the money you would need to get that perfect cooking oasis. But there are ways you can update your kitchen, helping you feel more organized and happy while you whip up those tasty meals. Read below for some easy – and cheap – ways to improve your kitchen and make it stand out. Help Your Kitchen Stand Out

1. Lighting

If the lighting in your kitchen area is dim or just plain boring, change it up. You can buy a cheap light fixture at IKEA or shop around for a cool one-of-a-kind fixture at some vintage shops. You can also add in some under-cabinet lighting to help transform your room into a warm and inviting space. Lighting