Feeling bummed about your small kitchen? There are many creative ways you can make the most of your cramped quarters by maximizing your storage. There are a few ingenious hacks that will ensure that your kitchenware is put away when space is at a premium. Here are 10 space saving ways to store pots and pans.

One of the easiest space saving ways to store pots and pans!


Hang them on a rack

If you’re looking to find a spot to put away your pots and pans, try hanging them on a steel rod by your window. This way you’re not taking away valuable wall space, while adding some DIY charm to your kitchen.
Space Saving Ways to Store Pots and Pans is to Hang them on a rack

Store them on a cart

Find a cute rolling cart and you’ll have some stylish storage space. Paint it with an accent color which works with the color scheme of your kitchen and you’ll have an instant conversation piece. Plus, one advantage of using a cart with wheels is that you can have all your kitchen supplies easily accessible.

Store them on a cart