If you find yourself without the time or the skills to be able to tackle your own home renovations, finding a trustworthy contractor is sometimes a difficult task. While word of mouth is usually the best way to ensure that you hire a quality tradesperson, you can still find yourself being taken advantage of. Here are some tell-tale ways to know if your contractor is conning you.

Your gut will know if your contractor is conning you!


They give off a bad vibe

This may appear vague, but there’s something to be said for going with your gut. If you think there’s something off about your contractor, it’s definitely within your right to go ahead and hire another candidate.

Know If Your Contractor Is Conning You if they give off a bad vibepsychologium.com


They’re cheaper than the competition

Remember that old saying “You get what you pay for”? If your contractor has quoted you at a price that is much cheaper than anyone else in your area, you have to wonder why. Either it means the contractor is planning to nail you with lots of hidden fees or it means they’re just not very good at what they do. Regardless of the reason, if you think the price you’ve been quoted is too good to be true, it probably is.They’re cheaper than the competition