Every home needs maintenance from time to time, and there are some things homeowners have to do before the season changes to avoid issues later.

Fall Maintenance Tips to Avoid Problems

Fall is a refreshing change to the heat and humidity the summer months can bring, but when the cold breezes begin and the leaves fall, you know winter isn’t far behind. Winter brings a whole host of new issues with it, and it reminds you that there are some chores you need to take care of before the weather turns colder. Here are 14 fall maintenance tips to avoid problems around your home during the winter months.

Clean Gutters

Fall brings a lot of leaves and other debris down around your house, and gutters can get blocked very quickly. If these items freeze under winter snow and ice, it can cause major problems for your home. If you hate the gutter-cleaning job, consider installing gutter guards to make the chore faster and easier. It’s a one-time expense and job that will speed you through the chore next year.Cleaning gutters is one of the best Fall Maintenance Tips to Avoid Problems this winter

Fill Holes

If you have wood trim around your windows and doors, check the trim for holes on the outside of your house. If you find any that you can probe with a screwdriver, fill them with caulk or replace the wood. Leaving the holes could allow cold air to leak into your home or heated air to leak out. Filling them will help you save money on utilities.

Fix windows