Here are some fun DIY projects using tin cans that you will enjoy working on and can use in your home afterwards. You will have everyone asking how to create these brilliant projects for their homes and mimicry is the best form of flattery after all.

Herb Garden

Begin your DIY projects using tin cans by simply removing the paper label, washing them, adding a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage with a drill, and filling with soil and herbs; voila you have a herb garden without the need to buy plastic pots.Try These Brilliant DIY Projects Using Tin Cans - Herb Garden

Cutlery holders

For a casual look on your dining table, kitchen table or patio table use tin cans to hold cutlery and napkins for breakfast, lunch or dinner guests. There is not much to create this casual look. Empty, wash and remove the label and there you have it!Cutlery holders