The kitchen is often neglected as a space for DIY projects, with more focus on redecorating the bedroom and living room. However this can be changed with our 20 DIY craft ideas for your kitchen. Give yourself the opportunity to get creative and let a bit of your personality shine through by transforming your kitchen with subtle decorations that you've made yourself, whether that be customized tea towels or novelty fridge magnets.

Refresh the look of your kitchen with our simple DIY craft ideas, and transform boring household objects into customised works of art.

1. Ombre Painted Wooden Spoon Handles

Spruce up your boring wooden spoons by painting their handles different shades of the same color to create an ombre effect.


2. Hand Stamped Wooden Chopping Boards

Personalize your wooden chopping boards with hotel metal stamps and a wood burning pen. You can use them to prevent cross contamination and label each board with different food items such as 'fruit', 'bread' and 'meat', or put your family's name on them.