Although a wine bottle's primary purpose is to hold wine, there are actually many other ways you can use them once they are empty. As wine bottles come in different shapes, sizes and colors, they open up a magnitude of creative possibilities. From a decorative piece in your home to a beautiful and functional candle holder, we list 20 of the different ways you can easily upcycle and repurpose wine bottles at home.

1. Halloween Decorations

Save yourself the stress of pumpkin carving and create spooky halloween decorations by painting your wine bottles to look like jack o' lanterns. You only need orange spray paint, a sharpie and a few other materials to create this fun design. Alternatively you can use white spray paint and make your bottles look like ghosts.

Jack O LanternsFind out how: instructables

2. Bird Feeder

Make your garden more bird-friendly by turning an empty wine bottle into a handy bird feeder for your yard. This is a very easy project which only requires some scraps of wood, a wine bottle and a couple of tools. Once it's finished you can gaze out into the yard and watch the birds perch on your feeder and enjoy a nutritious meal.

Bottle bird feederFind out how: mommayoungathome