A small kitchen can mean a cramped workspace, tiny countertop, and barely enough room for essentials – but it doesn’t have to.  While they do present some design challenges even the smallest kitchens can also be functional and efficient.  There are plenty of ways to get a more open, airy feeling without knocking down walls.  If you’re faced with a small kitchen, take a look at our 6 design tips and get inspired to open up your space:



1. Choose Small Appliances: When you’re in a small kitchen, every inch of space counts.  That’s something you should keep in mind throughout every stage of the design process – including choosing your appliances.  With plenty of people moving into smaller living spaces, manufacturers have begun to offer more compact appliance options to maximize space.  Making choices to maximize your space – like choosing a refrigerator that’s 24 inches deep instead of 30 inches deep – can help make your small kitchen look larger.