Whatever your decorating style, you want to ensure that your home looks well put together.  Achieving that cohesive look comes down to having a theme – whether it be a set color scheme, or a certain set of ideas throughout.  Creating a cohesive space comes down to having a solid plan, setting priorities, and taking the time to find things that you really love – and work with your space.  Click “Next” to see our 7 tips for making a decorating theme work.

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1. Get Inspired

This is the fun part!  You can find home decor inspiration in many places – but it’s easiest to work with if you can pull it all together.  Check out your wardrobe, start a Pinterest board, and take photos of things that you love.  Once you sit down and look at everything you’ve chosen, a few common themes should start to reveal themselves.  Keep those colors, patterns, textures, or ideas top of mind as you start decorating your home.

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