Too often cleaning tasks get put off until they need to be completed all at once, in a Saturday marathon before guests come over and see – gasp! – the actual state of your kitchen.  Sure, when it’s clean your home looks great, but it can take a while to really get everything in order.

What if we told you there were easy ways you can maximize the time that your home looks neat and tidy, giving you more time for HGTV, and other things you’d rather do on your weekend?  Well there is!  Click ‘Next’ to see our tips for 8 easy ways to keep your home cleaner longer:


1. Re-Arrange Your Furniture

Putting your furniture directly against your walls can lead to smudges and marks – and ultimately, more cleaning for you.  Avoid those mishaps by arranging your furniture approximately 6 inches from your walls.  Plus, it’ll give you easier access to dusty corners.