Looking at every day or unused items in your home and breathing new life into them by finding a new use can be a great way to express your creativity and also save some money. Repurposing isn’t simply about taking an item with one purpose and using it for another, it’s about thinking innovatively and solving problems around the home without having to run out to the store to purchase something new. It’s all about problem solving and ingenuity.


1. Binder clips for cord management

Using large binder clips and clipping them to the edge of a desk is a great way to organize cords from multiple devices as each binder clip separates a different cord. It’s a low cost way to use office supplies you will already have around the house to neaten up the multitude of devices we accumulate.Binder clips for cord management


2. Old Frames for Jewelry holder

Use an old frame that may have had the glass break or that has simply fallen by the wayside and insert hooks or string wire to hang necklaces or earrings. If the frames you have do not fit the look you are going for you can paint them.Old Frames for Jewelry holder


3. Scarf organizer

Attach shower rings to a coat hanger and string your silk scarves through them so they are not just thrown in a drawer or basket. It’s an inexpensive way to see and access your scarves easily.

Scarf organizer


4. Vase for Toilet roll holder

Taking a tall glass vase and putting it in the bathroom to store extra rolls of toilet paper is a novel way of using a small space wisely and creatively.Vase for Toilet roll holder


5. Broken jewelry into fridge magnets

Use those misfit broken pieces of jewellry from your jewellry box and glue a magnet to the back of them. It’s a great way to see and appreciate jewelry that would otherwise lie unappreciated at the bottom of your jewelry box.Broken jewelry into fridge magnets


6. Pendent lights from wire baskets

Making your own pendant lights for your country chic kitchen renovation could include using old baskets as covers for hanging light bulbs to make your own lighting for a fraction of the cost.Pendent lights from wire baskets


7. Ladders for Clothesline

Cutting down an old unused ladder and painting and hanging it from the ceiling in the laundry room is a great place to hang clothes from.Ladders for Clothesline


8. Shutters

Use an old wooden shutter and paint it for your desired effect. This piece of décor is perfect to affix hooks to and voila, you have a mail and key organizer to put in your home.Shutters