Even the most beautiful homes can have a few awkward spaces.  Most often they’re found in the corners of a room.  Those weird in-between places don’t always have a neat and tidy decorating solution, so they’re often overlooked and find themselves in the forgotten land of decorating limbo.  Learn how you can transform those small unused spots into beautiful spaces that compliment the room.  Click “Next” to see how you can make use of awkward corners in your home.

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1. Use a Sectional

Most rooms can use a little extra seating – and adding a sectional, or curved sofa is a functional way to make use of an awkward corner.  Don’t be concerned if your room is a little on the small side.  In fact, a large piece of furniture, like a sectional, can actually anchor the space and make it feel more inviting.shutterstock_253906168

Image: shutterstock.com