If you’re feeling like your house is an over-used dumping ground for clutter, you are likely going crazy trying to stuff that stuff in every nook or cranny you can find. Maybe, you’re thinking to yourself, your house just isn’t big enough for your growing family anymore. But, before you decide to put that For Sale sign on your front yard, read the list below for some of the coolest, most unique, space-saving storage ideas that are just waiting for you to fill them up. Space Saving Storage Ideas

1. Secret Change Table

If you have a nursery in your house, you know just how much space a change table can take up. Why not create of concealed table right in the wall? A fold-down change table that can be pulled down when you need it and folded up when you don’t, is a great way to free-up space. You can create little storage nooks in the wall for all your diapers, wipes and creams.Secret Change Table