You’ve likely walked through the halls of an expensive furniture store and left with millions of ideas for your own home. But sometimes what we see and what we want are usually what we can’t really afford. However, what if I told you there are ways to get that beautiful, magazine-ready look without spending top dollar? There are ways to do it all yourself. Just read below to find out some of the most amazing Ikea hacks that will totally transform your home and make it look like you spent a fortune on expensive pieces. Only you will know your secret to getting expensive looking furniture on a tight budget.


1. Custom Built-Ins

Custom built-ins are one of the best ways to make your home standout. While they generally cost a pretty penny, there is a way you can do it on a budget. All you need is three Ikea Billy bookcases, that range in price from $40 to $60 a piece. Add on some fancy baseboards and crown molding to blend in with the style of your home and viola – your bookcases look like they’ve been built in by a professional! You can also add in a sliding ladder for an extra punch.


Image and DIY Instructions: POPSUGAR