Serving Tray

Don't settle for a boring plastic tray to rest your food on, spruce up your meal times, with a DIY wooden serving tray. Don't worry - you won't need to chop down a huge tree to get the right sized wood slice - just head to your local craft store. If you own wooden furniture, you're probably already aware that wood can stain easily. To protect your wood slice from food oils or grease, coat the top with semi-gloss polycrylic. For a quirky twist, tape off a section of the wood and cover it in chalkboard paint - now you can personalize the tray with fun chalk written messages! To help you easily carry the tray to your loved one, source two drawer handles for your wood slice. Drill holes on either side of the tray and attach the handles with screws. Then show off your handy work by surprising someone with breakfast in bed!

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When you're relaxing in your garden with a drink, ensure you always have somewhere to put your drink by making these rustic outdoor coasters. This is an incredibly easy DIY project that doesn’t require many materials. Begin by using wood slices that are big enough for a cup or glass to rest on top. For the fun arrow design, stencil the outline onto the wood and color it in with a permanent marker. To prevent the coasters getting damaged from condensation underneath glasses, spray the wood with polyurethane. Then take your drink and coaster outside, and relax.

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