Natural wood slices are a great choice for creating rustic home decor. Whether you buy them from the craft store or cut up your own branches, these are a very versatile material. If you’re looking for a way to bring some of the charm of the outdoors into your home, try out one of these easy wood slice projects.

Mini Chalkboard

Create a fun decorative mini chalkboard for your home that you can easily customize for different occasions. Whether you want to list a recipe, create a memo for groceries, or write an inspiring message, these are a fantastic addition to your home decor. You can use any size wood slice you want to make your chalkboard but make sure it’s big enough to display your intended messages. Paint the front of your wood slice with chalkboard paint and while you’re waiting for it to dry, brainstorm ideas of what you want to put on it. Depending on what you want to write on the wood slice, you can either freehand or create a stencil to create a more flawless design. Just use regular chalk on the wood so you can easily rub it off and write new and different messages.

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Add a rustic touch to your kitchen with pretty silhouette wood slice magnets. These are super simple to make and will look adorable on your refrigerator. After gathering your wood slices, use black paint to create silhouette designs on them. If you’re worried about painting freehand, draw your design on first and then paint inside the outline. Once it’s dry, hot glue a magnet on the back and decide where you want to display it on your refrigerator door.

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