Cottages are commonly associated with England, and so are the gardens that come with it. But that hasn't stopped people in America recreating a cottage style garden for their home. Unlike formal gardens which are focused on structure and perfect order, the style of a cottage garden is more free and relaxed. It's all about embracing your personality rather than sticking to strict flower arranging rules. You don’t need much gardening or design experience, just a vision of what plants you want, and where you want to plant them. To help you create your own stunning cottage style garden, here are some charming ideas you can try.


Plant Mixed Flowers Instead of Grass

To create the true style of a cottage garden you need to display a fun and free flowing landscape of flowers. The brighter and more colorful they are, the better. Start off by planting a variety of flowerbeds in different textures and colors. By replacing the grass with flowers you create a more informal and relaxed atmosphere which showcases a lot of natural beauty.

Plant Mixed Flowers Instead of Grass

Add an Arbor

For an absolutely stunning effect, consider placing an arbor in your cottage garden. These are wonderfully romantic and make a charming grand entrance as you walk up to your yard. Decorate it with climbing flowers and vines to dress it up for spring and summer. Roses are an attractive flower choice as they hang beautifully across an arbor. While Morning Glory is a fast growing vine that can produce brightly colored flowers in shades of blue, purple, pink and white.

Add an arbor