Avoid the claustrophobic feel in your small bedroom, and transform your sleeping quarters from cramped to spacious. From great storage solutions to quirky decor ideas, here are the smart design choices which will make you fall in love with your small space.

Simple Color Palette

After you’ve had a long day, and your bed is calling you, there’s nothing more off putting than a room filled with brash colors and busy patterns. Choose a simple palette of light, cool shades to keep your room a calm and restful place. If you’re worried that the light colors might look too cold, add some rustic chic to your room by installing wooden flooring. The warm hues will instantly add a cozy feel to the room and gives the floor a simple, clean look.

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Hanging Nightstand

Floor space is like gold dust in a tiny bedroom, so obviously you want to free up as much of it as possible. If you don’t want to fill up your room with a huge nightstand, then consider having one that hangs from the ceiling. This quirky floating table was actually made out of a cutting board for the base, and wire to hang it up. It’s smaller than a conventional nightstand, but still gives you plenty of room to place a glass of water, a plant or a decorative item on top.

Hanging NighstandSource