Stylish Storage

When you’re faced with a small bedroom, the first question that often springs to mind is, ‘where is everything going to fit?’ You usually find yourself choosing function over style, and end up with a room that looks like a storage unit with a bed. However, even if you have a teeny tiny bedroom, you can still make your space look stylish. Placing shelves and drawers on each side of your bed offers plenty of storage so you can keep your room clutter free. Select them in a clean crisp shade of white as this color not only looks elegant but has the potential to make your room appear bigger. For an additional storage solution, install hooks onto your wall so you can hang things up. With these hooks, you will no longer have to endure the daily stumble over coats and bags, and keep your floor clear at all times.

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Double Wardrobes

Bring balance and harmony to your bedroom by using the decor technique of symmetry. If you don’t have room for a huge closet, then double your storage instead! Place two identical wardrobes on either side of the bed to create a simple built-in look. Depending on how big (or small) your room is, you might want to skip the nightstands to avoid your space looking cramped.

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