So you’re a winer eh? Not like the way a toddler whines, of course. The way an adult loveeeeees to drink wine. Well, we have a Top 10 you are going to absolutely love because we just happen to have found the most unique and fun ways to store all your precious wine bottles. These DIY racks are one-of-a-kind beauties that will leave your guests green with envy as they talk endlessly about your creative  wine storage ideas. So go ahead, get that wine collection ready to be stored. Wine Storage Ideas

1. Reclaimed Palettes

You can easily make a wine storage wall rack by using reclaimed shipping palettes. Just nail together two or three boards for a back and then one across the front to hold the bottles in. Nail it to your wall and you have a cool, rustic rack to show off all your vintage bottles. You can even add a lower rack with holes cut into it to hold your glasses. Reclaimed Palettes