If you’re considering giving a room in your house a makeover, you are probably like me – confused, stressed and ignorant when it comes to words like paint palettes, backsplash and side panels. But that’s not to say we can’t get that room looking beautiful on our own. All we need is a little secret help from the pros. Below are some of the best-kept secrets from decorating professionals to help you on your way. Use these tips and save money on DIY projects instead of throwing it away on an expensive designer. That room will look magazine-cover ready in no time. Secrets of the Pros

1. Favorite Pieces

If you have an old piece of furniture or an antique item that you simply love but have no idea what to do with it, consider it your focal point. Put it on display in a room you are decorating and work around it. Find paint colours that match it or other unique finds that blend in with your theme. Once you start, you will realize it isn’t as hard as it seems. Favourite Pieces