Glammed Up Pumpkins

Large or small, natural or fake – pumpkins are not just for carving. Think about glamming up your pumpkins with some glue and black glitter. Kids will love coming up with own designs for decorating their pumpkins with glitter and the patterns can be as complex or as simple as they want. Remember that you can also paint pumpkins, glue on decorative beans, use metallic paint pens or add decorative studs. There are so many ideas online for pumpkins that can be chic and stylish and displayed as ornaments.

#3 Glammed Up Pumpkins


Spider Plates

For the ultimate in terror-inducing table dressing, try these wonderful hand-painted creepy-crawly plates. Buy a set of cheap white plates, grab some inexpensive black ceramic paint and some insect silhouettes. Start by outlining the bugs, spiders are pretty easy and perfect for Halloween but you can try ants too if you find those easier. If you make a mistake, just rub off quickly and try again. Create a trail of spiders crawling across the plate and then leave to dry for 24 hours before use. Sprinkle a few plastic bugs across the table to heighten the effect and your guests will be grossed out but impressed!

#4 Spider Plates