It’s time to get outside, enjoy the warm weather and spice up your backyard entertainment area. Don’t have any money you say? Well, thanks to us, you won’t need much. We have several ideas for your outdoor projects that you can do all by yourself for little or no money at all. And the best part of these ideas is that they will transform your backyard into an oasis that looks like it was professionally done. So put on your creative hat and get ready to put those hands to work. These ideas will leave your neighbours wondering who you hired to make your backyard one of the best they’ve seen all summer. Outdoor Project Ideas

1. Pool Noodles

If you have kids, you likely have a trampoline in your backyard to keep them entertained. Well, how about adding a little colour and fun to the boring trampoline by covering the springs with sliced up pool noodles. It will not only add an extra safety precaution, but you can use a bunch of different colour noodles to make it look fun and inviting. Just cut the pool noodles to the size of the spring and start attaching them around the entire trampoline. Pool Noodles

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