Don’t toss that broken terracotta pot in the trash! Put your green thumb to the test by recycling items and using them in your garden. Here are the some fantastic examples of trash to treasure crafts to get your backyard summer ready!

1. Broken Pot Plant Markers

Don’t let a few broken terracotta pots shatter your hopes of a beautiful garden. We’ve all suffered a few accidents with our plant pots - so you’re not alone. But instead of throwing them in the trash, have a think about what other purpose you could give them. If you’re a keen gardener, why not turn them into decorative plant markers? They’re already broken, so that’s the hard part done. All you need to do is label them. Write on the top with a wax pencil or if you’ve got a steady hand, paint on the label. Then just match them up with the corresponding plants and your garden will instantly be dressed up.

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2. Fairy Garden

Do you believe in fairies? Even if you're a skeptic, we’re sure when you were younger, that you thought you encountered one. Recapture the magic of your childhood and invite these fascinating creatures into your backyard by building them a fairy garden. If you have a pot that’s not too far gone, you can easily arrange it into a fantastically beautiful home for the little people. Fill up your pot with plenty of soil, and arrange your shards any way you like. If you're feeling creative, why not try building a staircase out of the smaller broken pieces? Decorate the soil with pretty plants, cute miniature ornaments and anything else you desire. It’s your fairy garden so let your imagination run wild!

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