There’s the saying that one person’s trash is another one’s treasure, and we completely agree with this statement. There are many items which we all throw out that can be upcycled and repurposed into something new. So before you put that cardboard box or magazine in the trash can, here are 15 ways you can give new purpose to garbage-bound items.

1. Glass Lampshades to Vases

Paint your old glass lampshades with pretty shades of color to transform them into beautiful vases. Spray paint provides a more even surface covering compared to regular acrylic paint, but either form of paint will work. Afterwards you can seal the color with a clear acrylic coat, but be aware that the paint can still chip.

lampshade vasesFind out how: thehousethatlarsbuilt

2. Coffee Cans to Planters

If you're a big coffee drinker, you probably go through several coffee cans a month. Instead of throwing them out, did you know you can make really cute planters out of them? To start turning them into planters, remove the labels from them and spray paint the cans any color you want. Drill holes near the top of the cans so you can loop rope through it to make a handle. Then decorate your cans with rope and other decorative items before placing your plants inside and hanging them up.

coffee can planterFind out how: thewickerhouse