3. Pickle Jars to Apothecary Jars

Save your pasta and pickle jars and turn them into fancy apothecary style containers. Scrub them well to remove the labels and any leftover residue, then glue pretty scrapbook paper round the glass. Spray paint the lids and once they're dry, glue on pretty curio knobs. Then all that's left to do is storing your bits and pieces inside.

apothecary jarsFind out how: littlehouseoffour

4. Mint Box to Bobby Pin Holder

Once you've freshened your breath, repurpose your mint box into a handy bobby pin holder. This is really easy to make as all you need to do is decorate your box with washi tape. Then just flip open the top and store your bobby pins inside. How simple is that?

bobby pin holderFind out how: livingchiconthecheap