So you’ve finally moved in to your own place. Whether you have just graduated University or have finally saved enough to move out of your parents place and rent your own apartment, that exciting feeling of having your own space is quite remarkable. But what do you do once you’ve moved in? I mean, you may have saved enough for first and last months rent, but what about furnishing and decorating that space to make it your own? Chances are you are on a tight budget, so we are here to help. Below are some great tips on decorating on a budget that will make you feel at home in no time.

1. Mix and Match

One of the first things to remember when decorating on a budget is that not everything has to match. Take your bed for example. Buying a matching bedding set can be quite expensive. So keep your eye out for sales on sheets, duvet covers and shams. They don’t have to match. In fact, you will add a lot of style to your space with different patterns and colours. As well, when choosing a table and chair set look for different styles of chairs that will help the room pop. Mix and Match