An outdoor waterfall is a wonderful addition to your backyard patio.  The tranquility of the flowing water creates a relaxing atmosphere, while the subtle trickling sound helps to block out the noise from the neighborhood.  If you love the sound of water, we would absolutely recommend adding a waterfall to your backyard.  Best of all, you can build one yourself by following these 6 simple steps.  Click ‘Next’ to see how you can build your own outdoor waterfall.shutterstock_12834064

1. Make the Pond

A waterfall needs somewhere to go – a place that ensures there’s always plenty of water to keep your backyard in a perfect zen-like state.  The easiest way to create that yourself is by building a pond.  Choose an area that’s free of weeds rocks and other debris, and map it out with some spray paint.  That’s the pond.  Dig a hole that’s as deep as it is wide, add half an inch of sand, and then put in the liner, packing sand around the edges if needed.  Use a level to ensure everything is flat from all angles, pressing the liner into the sand until everything is even.  Put your pump inside the pond and feed the pump tubing over the rim of the pond liner.shutterstock_141828355