If your home is looking dull and boring, it’s time you got a little inspiration and changed it from drab to fab. After all, when you are happy with your space, you are just a happier person in general, right? That’s because a well-decorated room, one that suits you and your personality, will help you relax and feel more at home in your space. And the best part about getting the room you’ve also wanted, is that it can be done on a budget all by yourself! Below are some of the best DIY projects that will help inspire you to start decorating and get that fabulous room you’ve always dreamed of. Change Your Home From Drab to Fab

1. Lighten Up

One of the easiest ways to bring a room to life is with lighting. If your room is feeling drab and depressing, you can easily brighten it up with an inexpensive light. A beautiful chandelier is sure to impress anyone who walks into a room. If you can’t afford a new light, make sure you take window coverings off the windows and doors to let in natural light, especially in a small room like a bathroom. You can even add a few mirrors or large, bright pictures to add a sense of light to a room. Lighten Up