There are lots of benefits to making stuff yourself.  Color, sizing, and style can all be completely customized.  Not to mention, it’s usually a lot easier on your bank account than buying ready-made, especially when it comes to lighting.  These chic chandeliers make big decor statements, but can be made fairly easily at home with a little ingenuity and some basic DIY skills.  Click “Next” to learn how to make these 8 chic DIY chandeliers.




The DIY Icicle Chandelier

I’ve seen similar chandeliers that use a hula-hoop, but I think the grapevine wreath that Project Table recommends makes for a beautiful – and more rustic – look.  The wreath, a string of icicle lights, and some zip ties are all you need to make this chandelier yourself.  Best of all, it’s easy to finish in about half an hour.


Image and DIY Instructions: The Project Table