A stylish ottoman is an excellent piece of furniture to invest in. It makes not only a beautiful focal point, but also proves to be incredibly practical as it doubles as extra seating for small spaces and a handy storage unit for your towels and linens. You can choose to buy a generic factory-made model at the store or you could make your own customized piece for a lot less money. Here’s how.Ottoman

1. Build the base

Cut a 3/4-inch birch plywood for the base, top, and bottom. Simply glue and clamp the four sides together to form the box’s base, then drill pilot holes and secure the four pieces of wood with screws. Cut 1×1 pine cleats and install them around the inside of the base, ¾ inch above the bottom edge. Attach reinforcing pine blocks to each interior corner. Use carpenter glue and screw the bottom piece of wood to the cleats. Build the base