Let’s face it; we spend a lot of time indoors during the winter trying to stay as warm as possible. However, this quest for warmth also equals to lots of stale air. Add the less than pleasant smells of dirty boots and wet coats and it’s a recipe for less-than-ideal indoor aromas. The good news is there’s a DIY way to combat this side effect of the season. Here are a few homemade scent solutions.

1. Put together a simmering pot

This is an easy way to make your home instantly inviting to all your guests, especially during the holiday season. All you have to do is fill a pot with water and leave it to boil. Then add the ingredients from your favourite recipes. If you’re not sure what to put into your simmering pot, Tipnut has some great ideas. Just make sure to top up the water every 30 minutes or so. Otherwise, the water will evaporate fairly quickly.
Put together a simmering pot