Are you planning on putting your home on the market sometime in the near future? Increasing the value of your home is easier than you think. Staging your home is a simple way to give your house an instant ‘wow’ factor. Statistically, a staged home will sell 80% faster and for 10% more than an unstaged home. Here are a few simple ways to make your home worth more than you ever imagined.

1. Keep your home sparkling clean

The easiest way to increase your home’s price tag is by keeping it spick and span. Buyers want to see a clean, fresh home. Make sure to focus on your kitchen as kitchens sell home. Make sure to give special attention to countertops, grout lines, appliances, and wash the countertops inside and out (people look!) Also scour the fridge and the pantry, and hide all trash cans. Keep your home sparkling clean