The living room is one of the most used rooms in the house so the style and design of it should be of high importance. Whether you like the boho look or favour a more modern and contemporary style, here are 10 different beautifully designed living rooms, and the reasons why they all work.


Bohemian Meets Moroccan Warmth

This gorgeous bohemian style living room combines a mixture of looks to create a beautiful chic space. The light color of the sofa, chairs and walls provide a clean look, while the vibrant pop of color from the rest of the furniture gives the living room personality. The simple design of the sofa contrasts beautifully with the Morrocan style coffee table which acts as the centerpiece of the room. The warm colors of the striped rug and cushions also tie in with the boho look, while the windows are large enough to provide plenty of natural light.

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Nature Recreated

The simplicity of this room makes it easy to redecorate if you ever wanted to give it an update, but why would you? Beautiful wooden flooring and a natural wood table gives this space a rustic feel, which is further enhanced by the stag wall art. A collection of furry rugs and cushions create a cosy atmosphere, and also stand out against the all white color scheme.

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