Wall DecorImage: onekindesign.com

Old windows are the perfect addition to some very new design ideas.  Get ready to want to scour your local consignment shops and flea markets!  These new ways to use old windows are sure to make you want to stock up on old window frames.


Photo Frame

Photo FrameImage: pinimg.com

An old window makes a wonderfully unique photo frame.  Simply resize your photo and display it.  Just keep in mind the lines of the window pane.  You’ll want to position your picture so that the key subject matter is still in full view.


Wall Decor

Wall DecorImage: onekindesign.com

Hanging old windows on your wall can give a beautiful vintage feel to your space - especially when they have a worn, washed out look.  Use a wreath, or a special photo in one or two of the windows to create a focal point.


Container Garden

Container GardenImage: pinimg.com

With a little DIY skills, rescued window panes can be restored as beautiful planters.  Paint the window and the planter the same color to make it look like they’ve been together all along.  Choose a bold hue to brighten up your backyard space.


Photo Collage

Photo CollageImage: pinimg.com

Window panes make the perfect place to display your favorite quotes and photos.  Unleash your inner designer and create a beautiful showcase for your most precious moments.  Paint the window to match any room - or opt for a vintage, worn look for a whimsical feel.


Coffee Table

Coffee TableImage: pinimg.com

For a coffee table with storage, and style, an old window is the perfect fit!  Display your favorite photo books or magazines, while keeping the top of the table clear for a nice cup of tea.  [Oh Glory Vintage]



CalendarImage: hometalk.com

Keep track of the family’s weekly activities with this beautiful - and functional! - old window calendar.  With a little chalkboard paint, you can turn a stunning window frame into an awesome organizer that keeps track of appointments, kids activities, and your grocery list! [House By Hoff]


Room Dividers

Room DividersImage: pinimg.com

Hanging from the ceiling, old windows make elegant room dividers that separate a space while still allowing for the flow of natural light.  Repaint the window in a neutral color that’ll compliment your decor, without drawing too much attention from the room itself.


Jewellery Display

Jewellery DisplayImage: pinimg.com

With some fancy door pulls, and a few bits of wire, an old window frame can be easily transformed into a beautiful display for your favorite bits and bobs.  Best of all, it’ll prevent your jewellery from piling up on a dresser.  Talk about stylish organization!



HeadboardImage: meredith.com

Rustic, beautiful, and most importantly easy to do it yourself, this window pane headboard is perfect for any bedroom.  Use two single window panels that are approximately the same width as your mattress.  Choose fabric that matches your decor, and cut it to match each section, securing it to a thin plywood backing with a spray adhesive. [BHG]