Reduce clutter in your home and have everything you need within easy reach by creating some easy room organizing crafts. From a nail polish storer to a drawer organizer, here are some of the best DIY projects you should undertake to keep your home neat and tidy, and free from unnecessary mess.

Chalkboard Measuring Cabinet

Keep all of your baking tools within easy reach by utilizing the space on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door. Unhinge your door and either tape chalkboard paper to the inside of it, or cover the cabinet door with chalkboard paint for a more permanent solution. Mark where your hooks will go and make sure you give your measuring spoons and cups enough space to hang comfortably. Then install utensil hooks and hang your items up. Use a piece of chalk to write labels for each of your utensils, and any other useful measuring information related to baking.

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Cleaning Closet

Transform your closet into a tidy haven for all of your cleaning supplies using just a shoe holder. Measure the length of your closet door before purchasing a shoe holder to ensure that the holder can easily fit on the inside of your closet door. You also need to check that it is made of a strong material which can bear a lot of weight, as you will filling it up with a lot of heavy bottled cleaning supplies. Once you buy a suitable shoe holder, hang it over your closet door and start filling it with your supplies. It’s that easy!

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