Home improvements seem to be a no-brainer for your personal enjoyment and often times for your finances. However, there are some times that the renovations that you do to your home do not translate into an increase in your properties value. The biggest value improvers are renovations to the kitchen and bathrooms, however when you move away from renovations from these two rooms you should weigh the pros and cons of each project, as you may not get the money out of all of the jobs to your home.


1. Not Reading the Demands of the Market

Know what features are marketable in your real estate market. For example a sun-room in a Northern climate will not be as desirable as if that same sunroom was in a beach home.Not Reading the Demands of the Market


2. Taking Out too Many Walls

Open concept is all the rage currently, but do not get too carried away and open up a space so much that it is just a large square box with hard to define spaces.Taking Out too Many Walls