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Fireplace: Design & Decorating Ideas (Better Homes and Gardens) (Better Homes and Gardens Home)
This must-read planning tool covers fireplace building, layout, materials, accessories, and decorating. The revised edition provides updates on fireplace options that have come onto the market since the first edition was published.Easy-to-read, problem-solving text offers hundreds of helpful tips.Inspirational photos plus design ideas for indoor and outdoor hearth spaces.Secrets on how to update an aging fireplace and rearrange furnishings around the hearth.Technical information on fireplace maintenance and safety.
Better Homes and Gardens Fireplace Design & Decorating Ideas, 2nd Edition (Better Homes and Gardens Home)
Few house features provide the beauty, warmth, and feeling of home that a fireplace does. But homeowners often find themselves both charmed and intimidated by this architectural wonder. This updated edition of the classic Better Homes and Gardens guide walks readers through the steps of decorating and renovating an existing fireplace and explains basic fireplace maintenance. It also offers detailed advice on arranging furnishings around a fireplace to make it the focal point of a room.Updated to include striking before-and-after photos, coverage of currently available products and materials, and new trends such as hanging flat-screen televisions over the mantel, this is the one guide readers need to fully enjoy their hearths.
100+ Tips.Ideas: Fireplaces
A fireplace is a beautiful, decorative accessory for many families, and for others, an essential during the cold, winter months. Full of charm, warmth, and kindness, no matter whether in the bedroom or living room, 100+ Tips.Ideas: Fireplaces can help you make the fireplace both the hearth and heart of your home.
Stonescaping Idea Book (Taunton's Idea Book Series)
The right kind of stone and how you incorporate it in your landscape and garden can make all the difference. Stone, a broad term that includes pavers, fieldstones, bricks, rocks and boulders, and stone veneer, can be used to create a distinct yet practical component to any yard. And with the variety of natural and manufactured stone products widely available today, incorporating stone in the landscape is no longer out of reach."Stonescaping Idea Book" showcases a wide range of inspiring and practical ideas for using stone in all types of landscape settings and for all budgets and regions of the country. Along with tried-and-true designs for inviting walkways and beautiful walls, new ways of using stone in gardens and patio spaces are also presented. You'll discover ideas for creating graceful streams, waterfalls, or even simple fountains that will help transform your backyard into a private retreat. And you'll find a wide range of outdoor living spaces that family and friends can enjoy for years to come. As the examples in the book demonstrate, there is a world of stone to explore; this book will help get you started on the right path.Topics covered include:Patios & TerracesPaths, Walks & StepsWallsPools & PondsSeating & Sculpture Content Related to Fireplace Ideas