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XFasten Professional Blue Painters Tape, Multi-Use, 1/2-Inch by 60-Yard, Pack of 6, Masking Tape Blue
The XFasten Blue painter's tape allows the American household to achieve a professional-quality paint job by masking an air-tight adhesion to desired surfaces to prevent paint bleed-through, hence delivering sharp paint lines in the end. Premium Quality Tape that Stays Up to 60 Days Without Leaving Any Sticky ResidueThe XFasten Blue Masking Tape can stay up to 2 months without having any gaps on its adhesion allowing you to have prolonged paint job projects. It does not leave any sticky residue, giving you an overall streamlined and clean look.Does not Damage Delicate Surfaces Whether it be untreated or treated wood panels, glass, metal, porcelain, tiles or textured surfaces, you can never go wrong with this painter tape. XFasten's adhesive is top of the line and goes through several rigorous laboratory tests just to ensure that it stays strong but at the same time not aggressive enough to pull off surface finishes. The result is an extremely stable adhesive material that will protect and ensure the integrity of your surface finishing.UV, Sunlight and Humidity Resistant TapeThe blue masking tape backing is specially treated to resist UV, direct sunlight, and humidity. This tape is extremely convenient to use in any weather conditions. Even if the weather changes from time to time, this painter tape is sure to stay consistent and reliable.Easy To Unwind and Install The problem that many people encounter with adhesives is that when they peel and cut off a strip from the roll, the strip starts to curl unnecessarily on the fingers, making the whole process extremely messy. That is not a problem with XFasten as it is treated to resist curling but still is highly conformable.
Ambro Professional Painters Tape Multi Surface Use (Blue) (6 pack, 1.5 inches x 60 yds)
Professional Painters Tape. Is painters #1 duct tape choice! It can be used on a variety of surfaces ,walls, trim glass and metal. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor painting projects and delivers precise sharp lines. Tape is applied quickly and lasts 14 days without cracking and peeling even in direct sunlight.
2pk 1.5" in x 60 yd Blue Painters Tape PROFESSIONAL Grade Masking Edge Trim Easy Removal (36MM 1.41 inch)
Blue Painter's Tape is a multi-use tape featuring a specially formulated, medium tack adhesive. This works for textured and semi-rough surfaces which gives the tape the tackiness it needs to adhere to your surface but still allows for clean removal for up to 21 days. If not overheated, your surface will be damage free and clear of residue. Blue masking tape is also UV resistant, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Please NOTE: Surfaces must be clean, dust free, and dry before application. While the surface of the tape is moisture resistant the adhesive is definitely not. The adhesive is pressure sensitive and heat activated. Make sure you really press it firmly into place when applying and get it as warm as possible in the room to secure the adhesive. The dryer and warmer the installations are, the better the adhesive will attach. REMOVE ASAP! The adhesive in painters tape is known as semi-permanent removable. If you leave it on for over a month then you will have great difficulty removing it. It will tear and leave residue behind. "Black Core" tape is Manufactured in the USA by the worlds largest tape mills who must liquidate Over Runs & Mill Ends. High speed milling machines create "over run" rolls (too large) or "mill ends" (too small) for retail sizes. Exclusive distributors now offer limited amounts of over-size and under-size rolls at a tremendous discount to the public. Black Core explained: Manufacturer has blacked out the original printing inside their core with rubber based non-toxic ink which is totally safe and does not come off easily. However, wear work gloves or disposables if you plan on handling these rolls for an extended period. Other uses: Crafts & Hobbies, Toy making, Scrapbooking, Home Inspections, Bundling light items, Yard Sales for pricing, Marking stains on clothing for dry cleaners, the possibilities are endless!!!
5 Rolls Premium 1" in x 60 yd USA PRO Grade Professional Blue Painters Tape Masking Trim Edge Quick Clean Release Easy Removal NO RESIDUE (24MM x 55M .94 inch)
This Blue Painters Tape is Professional Grade multi-use Contractors tape featuring a specially formulated, high tack adhesive. Works for textured, semi-rough, or smooth surfaces and has the tackiness it needs to adhere to your surfaces yet allows for clean removal up to 21 days. High performance masking tape is for general industrial, construction, and do-it-yourself use. The acrylic adhesive system will not dry out or lose holding power. Works well on drywall, glass, hardwood floors, wood trim, and a variety of surfaces. Most typical use is LATEX paint jobs and window protection mask off. (REMOVE SLOWLY and carefully from freshly painted surfaces!) Very Important: Surfaces must be well cleaned, dust free, greaseless, and very dry before application. While the backing of the tape is moisture resistant the adhesive is definitely not. ALL adhesive is pressure & heat sensitive. Make sure you press it firmly after application. Apply at room temperature or above if possible. The dryer and warmer the installation area, the more you run your fingers over it, the better the adhesion (less bleed). REMOVE ASAP! (always pull gently at slight angle AWAY from painted edge) Painters tape is known as semi-permanent removable, it gets stronger every day. The longer you leave it on the more difficulty removing it. Rolled or brushed paint jobs require much sooner removal than sprayed. Blue Painters Tape is not for everything! May not play well with all types of oil based paints, lacquers, etc. You must be willing to experiment, there are 100's of kinds of tape for a reason. Other uses: 3D print bed masking or printer deck covering, Glue or Caulk lines, Over spray protection, Chrome protection when cutting or grinding, Crafts & Hobbies, Toy making, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Home Inspections, Bundling light items, Yard Sales pricing, Marking stains for dry cleaners, the possibilities are endless!!!