When it comes to design, there are plenty of opportunities for us amateurs to get off course.  Between lighting, paint colors, accents and furniture arrangements, there are a lot of moving parts to any design project.  According to designer Ilse Crawford, that’s precisely the problem.  Design enthusiasts are often trying to put too many things into a space, instead of clearly focusing on one idea.  Her advice for avoiding over decorating?  “When in doubt, lose a third.”

Instead of bringing in multiple concepts and trends, instead spend some time thinking about how you’re really going to use each space in your home, and build from there.  The following photos courtesy of Ilse’s recently released book, ‘A Frame For Life,’ should provide some good, clear design inspiration.

1.  The Study

There’s no doubt that this space is used for getting things done!  The key furniture pieces in the room – the bookshelf, chair, and large table all serve a very productive purpose. the study