When you spend the money on paint for any project, you want things to look clean when you are done…


Let’s Explore Top Painting Tips to Avoid Roller Marks!

Painting is a big job, but it’s something most homeowners can do on their own in order to save money. Whilst it’s easy enough, painting does require certain tricks and skills to do it well! Many things can go wrong and ruin the paint job –  so use these top ten painting tips to avoid roller marks so your final job looks even and complete.

Load with a Screen

Place a screen into the paint bucket. Load the roller with paint by dipping it half an inch into the paint and then rolling it up and down the screen. If the roller is dry, you will need to administer this technique five or six times to fully load the roller. After you use the roller a couple of times, you can use two or three dips. When the roller is fully loaded, it is one of the best painting tips to avoid roller marks.Paint loading with a screen is one of the top painting tips to avoid roller marks

Sweeping Strokes

When you are ready to paint the wall with a full roller, you will want to use a sweeping stroke to get the paint nice and even. Start a foot from the bottom and roll up at a slight angle. Keep your pressure light, and stop a few inches from the ceiling. You will want to roll back and forth at a decent speed so you don’t leave paint buildup to dry between strokes. Don’t worry about perfection at this stage, but try to keep things as even as possible.Sweeping strokes