Imagine coming home from a long day at work and finding a tranquil place to rest right outside your front door. Think about having a beautiful location that can work for entertaining, friendly conversation or even quiet time alone. It doesn’t have to be just a dream. It can be a reality with these ways to create a relaxing porch - take advantage of these ways to create a relaxing porch and enjoy your time!


Discover Ways to Create a Relaxing Porch Today!

The cost of each idea varies, but when put together, it is possible to create your very own oasis, giving you an escape from everyday life. Try one or all to make a big impact in your outdoor time.


1. Plants

Looking out in the yard, there are probably plants and lush greens surrounding the area. Why not bring some of those fresh colors up to the porch? Gather up containers of different shapes and sizes to vary the look of the area. Flowers, bushes, and even small fruit trees and vegetables will make a real change to the porch and its overall feel. This is also a great way to add a little extra color to the space.

plants are one of the greatest Ways to Create a Relaxing Porch


2. Use Plants to Define Spaces

Once the plants are on the porch, consider using them as dividers of the space. One area may only be for relaxing or reading alone. Another area may be perfect for entertaining others. By separating the space, the porch has a more relaxing atmosphere no matter who is outside enjoying it. Not happy with how the space is separated? Just move the plants around until you are happy with the layout. Plants are also easy to move in case the space needs to be expanded for a party.

Use Plants to Define Spaces on porch


3. Add a Kitchen

Wondering what type of spaces to create? Consider adding a kitchen to the porch. You don’t need the pots and pans or even the cabinet space. It can be as simple as adding a grill or as elaborate as creating space for a pizza oven. Either way, it can be nice to have a space where you can handle the cooking and enjoy a meal without heading back into the house. This portion of the porch can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

add a pizza oven to your porch


4. Add a Hot Tub

If a kitchen isn’t in the cards, a hot tub can offer some additional relaxation. While it does require some upkeep, it creates a completely separate space on the porch that is perfect for getting rid of tension. While this is one of the most luxurious ways to create a relaxing porch, it can have one of the biggest impacts on the area. Before making a purchase, be sure to measure out how much space a hot tub would take up and consider the weight that it will add to the porch.

hot tub inspiration for your porch


5. Find Some Shade

With the sun beating down on the porch, it can be uncomfortable to spend any amount of time out there in the summer. A little bit of shade can go a long way. This doesn’t mean that the entire porch needs to be covered with shade. A pergola on one side may be enough to ensure that the plants get enough sunshine. However, a large canopy or even mature trees can provide just enough of a cool place to relax. A little bit of shade goes a long way as the sun moves overhead.

add a canopy to your patio


6. Create Some Privacy

Who can relax with neighbors peeking over? Enclosing the area helps to create an ideal environment for tranquility. There is no need to create solid walls around the entire porch. Instead, consider using something like lattice to allow light to still filter through while offering some type of privacy. Lattice can also be a great place to set up some climbing plants to add to the look of the porch.

a lattice can provide privacy on your porch


7. Choose Comfortable Furniture

If anyone is going to be spending any amount of time on the porch, it is important to have comfortable furniture. No one wants to try and relax on a hard bench or hard chairs. Instead, find furniture that is cushy and comfortable. Mix it up with pieces that are great for sitting and others that allow a person to sit back and lounge. Furniture is a great way to add little pops of color to the porch, giving it a little bit of personality.

Choose Comfortable Furniture for your porch


8. Add Color to the Floor

Furniture isn’t the only way to add some color. Most of the time, the floor of a porch isn’t that exciting. It usually blends into everything else. Take a risk and make sure the floor stands out by adding a large rug with bright colors that works with your furniture. You can also use different rugs to try and break up the space, one of the other popular ways to create a relaxing porch.

dreamy back porch


9. Create Relaxing Lighting Accents

When the sun goes down, you still want to be able to spend some relaxing time out on the porch. Lighting can make a huge difference in both the look and feel of this outdoor area. Look for lights that will be able to stand up to the outdoor environment and consider arranging them in unique ways for a bit of personality. A couple of strings of light over the entire porch can create a sparkling star effect.

fairy lighting in porch


10. Outdoor Sound System

With everything else in place, a little music is the perfect addition to complete the porch. Look for speakers that mimic items commonly found outside, including rocks and small boulders. By placing these all around the space, it is possible to play music that everyone can hear while spending time outside. For those looking to spend some extra family time outside, consider adding a television so that no one needs to miss the big game on Sundays.

Outdoor Sound System and tv for porch