A change of season is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start, and there’s something special about the fall that really feels like a new beginning.  Maybe it’s the start of the school year for the kids, or the crisp breezes that give us a break from all of that heat and humidity.  Whatever the reason, the start of autumn is a good time to take a look at your home – and your finances – and see if you can find ways to make a change for the better.  Click “Next” to read the top 10 ways to save money in your home this fall.

1.  Weather-Proof Doors and Windows

Make sure your home is ready to handle the inevitable influx of cooler temperatures.  Weatherproof your windows and doors by checking for drafts, and sealing up any leaks you can find.  Check your attic and basement too.  If you find your windows are poorly insulated, wrap them with an insulator kit from your local hardware store.  It’s much better to do a little extra work now than get stuck with an extra large heating bill.

Weatherproof doors