From the word go, babies are a handful! No parent can prevent every accident and, while you try to keep your eyes on your child at all times, it simply isn’t always possible. Accidents happen and since babies are at home in their earlier years more than anywhere else, it's important to use these tips for a baby proof home to keep your child as safe as possible!


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Parents can only do so many things at once, and baby proofing a home helps parents get things done while having peace of mind that the baby will be okay. Here are the top 12 tips for a baby proof home.


Safeguard Outlets

Children are curious by nature. They want to explore everything, and that includes the holes in the electrical outlets. Many outlets are down low, right at a baby’s level. If the child were to stick his finger or another object into the outlet, he could get quite a shock. These events happen quickly, often when a parent looks away for a split second. Safeguarding the outlets with covers so the child cannot access them is vital.

tips for a baby proof home include outlet covers

Move Cords

There are many cords in any house, and you will need to inspect the placement of these cords. If any cords are out where the baby can reach them, they need to be moved. A child could trip on these cords, and if a baby pulls on the TV cord hard enough, the whole unit could topple over onto the child. Keep cords out of the way and out of reach so none of these dangers befall a child in your house.

Move cords to baby proof your home