Your backyard doesn’t have to be a place you avoid when you are looking for a little bit of peace and quiet. In fact, it should be the first place you go to when you want to relax and unwind from your busy day. But, for this to happen, you want it to be as private as possible. You don’t want your neighbours looking out their window and see you sprawled out on your hammock or sunbathing on your deck right? To avoid those possibly embarrassing moments, consider our list below to create your own hidden oasis in your backyard.

1. Garden is Your Friend

You likely already have plants and flowers in your backyard. For privacy, try growing them in raised beds or berms. This will instantly help your space feel more secluded, even by just arranging the soil a couple feet higher than normal. This will put medium-sized plants at eye level, blocking unwanted looks from every angle. Tall trees are also a great way to incorporate a privacy screen.  Add Privacy to Your Backyard Space