So you want to do some DIY things on the weekend.  You check out Pinterest or a blog and think “I can do this.”  Then you stop.  People always ask me “Where did you find that?” or “I wish I had one of those.”

Where do you find the stuff to upcycle/repurpose when you think you have no “stuff”?

Here are 10 places you can go to find your new “project”.

1. Grandma’s Garage or Attic

Earn some brownie points by showing up to Grandma’s unannounced. Bring hugs, Girl Guide cookies and a big dose of patience.  After she yaks your ears off regarding the weather, politics, and her neighbour’s unkempt lawn, you know you have her full attention. You can casually mention you are trying to update your digs and need some “ideas”.  Nothing will get Granny motivated than the opportunity to unload some of her hoard onto you.  I highly suggest you take EVERYTHING she offers and then donate what you don’t want/need/is a gift you once gifted her. Note: You may need a proper moving van to successfully complete your trip.

Grandma’s Garage or Attic